Beaches: Family Fun In Erie’s Wine Country

Presque Isle State Park, Beach 7

North East, Pennsylvania, the small town just east of Erie, PA in the heart of Lake Erie Wine Country, is a great destination for families. Yes, I did say families. The families who find us are often attracted by our relaxing environment. Often, families find us when they are planning a trip to Erie, PA to visit the beaches of Presque Isle State Park and also Waldameer Park & Water World.

Presque Isle State Park, Beach 7

Best Freshwater Beaches In America, Presque Isle State Park

But, when they read about our small town charm, many choose to stay in North East, Pennsylvania instead. With all of the attention focused on our miles of local vineyards, 10 wineries, orchards, and our growing ale trail, it may seem like an adult destination. But we are a very family friendly town.

Let me give you the insider story about the beaches.

The first impression of guests who have never seen Lake Erie is their amazement at how vast it is. From our beaches in North East, PA, the lake is 26 miles wide to Long Point, Canada. This is actually the narrowest width for Lake Erie which is why swimmers who attempt to cross the lake each year, choose North East for their arrival point. From most vantage points you cannot see the other side of the lake, only the horizon. When the sun sets in the evening, it appears to fall into the lake. Many guests comment that it seems like an ocean — except for the lack of sharks, jellyfish, and saltwater.

Woodmere Beach in North East, Pa

Woodmere, a private beach in North East, PA

A big draw to Erie is Presque Isle State Park. As the reigning winner of USA Today’s best freshwater beach contest, Presque Isle State Park is a must see destination when you visit.

But, allow me to let you in on a well-kept secret. We have our own beautiful, sandy beach, with a beach playground and sand volleyball courts, right here in North East, PA. It’s called Freeport Beach and

Freeport Beach Playground

Freeport Beach Playground, North East, PA

many people do not know about it. Just 1.25 miles east of Clement’s Lake Erie Cottages, this beach area also has a lifeguard, picnic tables, and public restrooms. Freeport Beach, like Presque Isle State Park, gets sand replenishment to keep a nice thick layer of sand for sand castle building.

Sunset, Woodmere Beach

Lavender sunset at Woodmere Beach in North East, PA

North East also has miles of private beach.  If you rent a lake home in the area, it may come with access to a private beach. Our private beaches are less crowded than public beaches.  That means more beach glass (and other treasures) for you. That also means a less crowded beach for your evening sunset watching, camp fire building, and s’more marshmallow roasting.

Beaches are just one of the attractions for families when you visit North East, PA.

Request more information about our area from Lynne Clement, Clement’s Lake Erie Cottages, [email protected].