13 Dog Friendly Places In Lake Erie Wine Country

Dog friendly wineries, restaurants, beach

Dog friendly Lake Erie Wine Country

Cab, the Lakeview Wine Cellars mascot

You won’t need to disappoint your fur baby when you visit North East, PA and the surrounding dog friendly Lake Erie Wine Country.

Does your dog get really excited when you are putting on your shoes and reaching for the keys? Mine does too. So I always feel bad when I have to leave her behind. When a recent guest (of my cottage rentals) asked if I knew of any local dog-friendly places, I did a little research. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how many dog-friendly wineries and other businesses we have in Lake Erie Wine Country.

Many of these locations allow dogs outside only. But there are plenty of fun events to plan around when the weather is warmer. If your dog is cold-weather hearty, the wineries here are open year round, closed only on major holidays!

Let me preface the list with a bit of dog owner etiquette. Most of these businesses mentioned the dog should be friendly, on a leash, and the dog owner should be prepared to clean up their dog’s waste. In my opinion, that’s only reasonable!

So, without further ado, 13 dog-friendly places in Lake Erie Wine Country.

  1. The Straw Hat Ice Cream & Sundae Shop is a popular walk-up ice cream stand where pups have their very own menu item. Called “The Doggie Bowl,” this vanilla ice cream with a slice of “pupperoni” and a dog biscuit is available for purchase any day of the week. OR you can stop by for a FREE doggie treat on Wednesdays. Local dogs highly recommend this place. Open year round.
  2. Lakeview Wine Cellars is dog friendly as long as the dog is friendly and on a leash. Watch the schedule for May and June outdoor concert events.
  3. Quincy Cellars allows leashed dogs on the outside grounds, as long as you clean up any dog waste.
  4. 6 Mile Cellars welcomes well-behaved dogs. Watch their calendar for dog-friendly events.
  5. Heritage Wine Cellars — Heritage Wine Cellars considers their winery to be very dog friendly. They allow leashed dogs outside and depending on the crowd and day, inside as well.
  6. Penn Shore Winery & Vineyards allows dogs anywhere on the outdoor grounds, and dogs are allowed inside as long as they are smaller, and other customers are okay with it. Watch for July and August outdoor concert events.
  7. Arundel Cellars & Brewing Company allows leashed well-behaved dogs outside. Watch for summer outdoor concerts.
  8. Five & 20 Spirits & Brewing allows dogs on the outdoor patio.
  9. The Cork 1794/Skunk & Goat Tavern  Dogs can dine with owners at the outdoor patio.
  10. Something Fishy Pet Store loves dog visits and sells dog supplies, treats and toys.
  11. Fisherman’s Beach allows leashed dogs. This beach is accessed by trail along 20 Mile Creek. Watch for the Conservation Park sign off Route 5 and large parking lot. Signage marks the entrance to the trail.
  12. Erie Brewing Company  Dogs are allowed outside on the patio at EBC! Guests report that the staff have even brought out a doggy water bowl.
  13. Clement’s Lake Erie Cottages – Dogs allowed with homeowner’s permission. Mention dog when inquiring.
dog-friendly wine country

Heritage Wine Cellars, a very dog friendly place in North East, PA

Add Lake Erie Wine Country to your list of places to visit with your dog. Don’t forget to bring:

— a leash

— a water bowl, and

— little bags to clean up after your pet.

Now, if I could just figure out how to make my dog the designated driver!

Let’s hear from you. Do you know of any other dog friendly places in the area?